• So strong, the Loop-Loc® Safety Cover can hold an elephant! Keeps children and pets safe around pools while letting water drain through the mesh surface.
  • Custom designed to fit any shape pool.
  • All LOOP-LOC mesh and solid safety covers come with a 12-year pro-rated manufacturer's warranty.

Solid or Mesh?

Should I get a mesh or a solid safety cover? Both the original LOOP-LOC mesh Safety Swimming Pool Cover and the ULTRA-LOC solid Safety Swimming Pool Cover provide superior protection for your family. Mesh covers do have one safety advantage: they do not permit water to collect. In order to meet safety cover performance standards, solid covers must provide for the elimination of standing water. The ULTRA-LOC solid safety cover is available in two versions: one with "invisible" mesh panels that allow water to drain through, and an all-solid version that is always sold with an automatic cover pump. The pump must be used at all times in order to maintain the safety of the cover. Ultimately, though, the choice between a mesh or solid cover is up to you.

Your custom Loop-Loc Safety Cover will arrive up to three weeks after your pool has been measured by Rome Pool and Spas professional installers.

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